Webinar: Diseases causing Lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly in dogs: A systematic approach to diagnosing Leishmaniasis (presented in Turkish)

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Nihat Toplu will lecture on the systematic approach to diagnosing Leishmaniasis, explicitly focusing on diseases that cause Lymphadenopathy and Splenomegaly in dogs. The lecture will be conducted entirely in Turkish and is free for everyone to join. We welcome all interested individuals to attend. Continuous Learning with Bioguard […]

Webinar: Overview of Canine Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, and BabesiosisWebinar:

Introducing an exciting online event – a webinar that delves into the topic of “Overview of Canine Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, and Babesiosis”. This event is designed for veterinarians and professionals in the industry who want to enhance their knowledge and understanding of these diseases. The webinar will cover a comprehensive overview of these conditions and their […]

Webinar: Feline Herpesvirus-1 and Related Eye Diseases

2023/04/14 A free online class brought to you by Bioguard Join us for our upcoming webinar as we talk about Feline Herpesvirus-1 infection in cats. During the webinar, Dr. Jingwen Lou will discuss the basis of FHV-1 pathogenesis, especially related to the ocular region, and provide practical advice on how to deal with feline conjunctivitis that […]

Congratulations! Bioguard animal health diagnostic center is accredited for ISO 17025

In order to improve the quality of animal health diagnosis, Bioguard applied for ISC 17025 this year. Bioguard animal health diagnostic center is the first and only ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited animal disease reference laboratory in Taiwan. President Edward Lai said, ISO 17025 accreditation showed that Bioguard and Taiwan has international approved ability to perform […]

Best solution for Feline Blood Typing

Bioguard are glad to introduce our new development products  “Feline Blood Typing Test” This product had been tested by many cats with different breed and blood typing. We got satisfaction and only positive feedback from all those who have tried the product. Now we launch it officially. Veterinary clinics could have better choice for testing […]