General Sampling Advice

Samples Collection

Samples Collection Guidelines
Samples storage

Sample storge : 
1. After sample collection, store samples at 4c if you can’t ship samples immediately.

2. Store and ship blood collection tubes vertically.

3. Seal the tubes with samples tightly.

Samples shipping

Sample shipping : 

1. Ship samples at 2-8 ºC for pathogen PCR test, endocrine test, hereditary diseases screening test or allergy test.

2. Ship samples at room temperature for microbial culture/ antibiotic sensitivity test or biopsy test.

3. In order to process samples faster, please enter the tracking number of each shipment into our system.

Sample Instructions (Services Manual)

Sample Instructions (Services Manual) : 
Download services manual, select correct sampling methods and containers for your samples.

Exception Handling

Exception Handling : 

Upon receiving samples, Bioguard Animal Health Diagnostic Center will check samples’ conditions (no hemolysis, no leakage, etc.). If samples are ready to be tested, we will notify you and begin testing procedures. If samples are unable to be tested, we will request you to send samples again or to cancel this test. We recommend that follow the instructions on our website before shipping samples.


If test results are abnormal, which are due to bad samples collection. We will request you to send samples again and will only repeat the test until receiving new samples.