Is Bioguard Animal Health Diagnostic Center open on weekends?
When will samples be rejected?

If one of the conditions below occurs, we will call you to check if you want to continue the tests.
– Collection tubes are broken with leaked samples.
– The amounts of samples are not enough for tests.
– Blood samples are hemolyzed.
– Labels and samples do not match.
– Samples were not collected into standard collection tubes (most commonly happens are using non-EDTA tubes for blood samples).
*When the rejection of samples occurs, Bioguard will cover the cost of the test if it’s due to delayed transportation. If you decide to continue the test after discussing with us, Bioguard is not responsible for the results of this test.

Do I have to pay shipping fees? How do I order a shipment?

Bioguard will cover shipping fees. For shipment, please contact President Transnet Corp: 02-4128689.

※ President Transnet Corp. Pickup times:
Arrives the same day: Before 11 am
Arrives the next day: Before 5 pm

When will the result be ready?
Are reports in English available
Does Bioguard offer discount for long-term cooperation?