We Innovation with Purpose

Because we are guided by science and purpose, you can count on us to tackle, solve, and improve every step of the diagnostic process, always pushing towards our north star of advancing care for animals.

We' re Invested in Your Practice

We see our veterinary customers as partners in our mission. Because of that, we are eager to tailor our services to your needs, optimizing our offerings to work within – and improve – your existing protocols, provide collaborative access to our experts any time you need them, and help remove the burden of administrative work from you and your staff.

We' re Accurate and On Time

You can’t have efficient care without an efficient diagnosis, Through our innovative offerings like VETSCAN, Zoetis Virtual Labs, and Zoetis Reference Labs, we provide accurate information within minutes instead of days, so you can get a headstart on treatment.

How do bioguard Test Kits works?