Diagnostic Testing Service

Neospora caninum (PCB017)

Specimen type

EDTA whole blood, feces, CSF


  • Neospora caninum is a type of protozoan parasite that is closely related and bears several similarities to Toxoplasma gondii. This parasite is responsible for causing abortion in cattle worldwide and also leads to neurological diseases in young calves, dogs, and other mammalian hosts. Domestic dogs and other canids serve as definitive hosts, while cattle predominantly function as intermediate hosts.
  • Dogs typically don’t display signs of infection with this parasite. Nevertheless, certain puppies and adult dogs may exhibit symptoms. Puppies infected either before birth or shortly after birth are frequently severely impacted and may not survive. Symptoms in puppies commonly entail nerve and muscle abnormalities, often leading to partial paralysis of their hind legs. In adult dogs, manifestations may include neurological symptoms, skin inflammation accompanied by sores, liver inflammation, pneumonia, and heart inflammation.