Diagnostic Testing Service

Bird test panel- 2 (PES002)

Specimen type

Feathers, Blood


  • Genetic determination of gender in birds (DNA sexing) is the safest method for identifying sex. This technique analyzes the bird’s DNA, minimizing stress and posing no risk to the bird’s life.
  • Psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD) is a contagious viral illness affecting psittacine birds. Common symptoms of PBFD include lethargy, weight loss, abnormal feather shedding and growth, beak elongation and deformation, and ultimately, death.
  • Avian polyomavirus presents a serious threat to caged birds, causing significant economic losses for pet retailers and bird enthusiasts. Young birds, from newborns to juveniles, are especially susceptible to polyomavirus infection, which is often fatal.

  • Giardiasis is an infection caused by the protozoan Giardia. The disease often presents no symptoms or only mild ones. Symptoms to watch for include malnutrition, diarrhea, poor nutrient absorption, weight loss, itching, feather plucking, excessive skin pecking, and increased vocalization in the infected bird.