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World Veterinary Day 2022 recognizes veterinary resilience

orld Veterinary Day on April 30, 2022 is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate all the contributions veterinarians make to the health of animals. The theme this year is “strengthening veterinary resilience.” 1

The World Veterinary Association (WVA) first created World Veterinary Day in 2000 as an annual celebration of the veterinary profession and the hard work all veterinary professionals do each year. World Veterinary Day takes place on the last Saturday of April each year. 2

Every year the theme changes and it is usually a reflection on that year’s top clinical concerns and topics. For example, last year’s theme was “veterinarian response to the COVID-19 crisis.” 2

With the recent crises happening around the world today, like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine, people in general have been facing large amounts of adversity. And in the veterinarian profession, stress, burnout, and other mental health issues have rose in recent years. 1

Before they can properly take care of their patients, veterinarians need the proper tools and support to maintain their own personal health and wellness. The World Veterinary Day theme highlights that “resilient veterinarians are better equipped to handle the daily challenges and crises that may occur in their practices,” according to an WVA press release. 1

[Source: DVM360]