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Russia compromises to ease imports after SOS call from local pet industry

Source: [ GlobalPets ]

Author: [ David Palacios Rubio ]

Official figures presented during a recent industry meeting show that pet food imports are decreasing by 20% against last year.

In a meeting held by the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselhoznadzor, RSN), head Sergey Dankvert stated that the regulator is ready to propose rules to simplify the clearance of goods.

According to Dankvert, the RSN  has not  restricted ed  the  import of vitamins, and today’s import volumes depend on each country’s particular decision .

Official figures from the federal executive body show a “significant drop” in pet food supply from Germany (-27%), followed by Denmark and Norway.

The head of the RSN  also  showed  his  surprise th at  supplies from France, Italy, Hungary and Austria are also decreasing.  Imports of pet food and ingredients from those European countries  have never been suspended by Russian authorities.

Dankvert compromised with the pet industry to authorize new pet food suppliers. Yulia Dolzhenkova  from Zooinform told GlobalPETS that talks are underway with China, Brazil and Argentina .

Kirill Dmitriev  from the  National Pet Business Association  highlighted that  it is “ absolutely critical ”  to  resume imports. “ This would allow importers to increase pet food supply volumes to Russia ,” he said.

Dmitriev also urged a simplified authorization procedure for the new plants and countries to maintain pet food and food supplements in Russia  at  a sufficient level and avoid shortages.

[Image: David Palacios Rubio]