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Bioguard will be Launching a Book on Veterinary Clinical Bacterial Diseases and Antibiotics

The Bioguard Corporation has set to release their veterinary book on this coming July, 2020.

The contents of the book were contributed by Dr. Cheng-Yi Lin (林政毅), Chairman of Taiwan Society of Feline Medicine; Dr. Chen-Si Lin (林辰栖), Professor of National Taiwan University; Dr. Shengteng Luo (罗胜腾), Director of HongChang Animal hospital; and the veterinary specialists from the Bioguard. It covers fields related to bacteriology and antibiotics specifically to companion animals. It contains figures and descriptions of different pathogens in dogs and cats, diseases they cause including symptoms, diagnosis, and disease managements.

This book will be exclusively published by Bioguard in Taiwan and China first, for the partner local veterinarians. Availability in book stores shall be announced after its official launching. This is expected to impart knowledge and serve as reference for veterinarians on the causative agents of companion animal diseases.