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Bioguard Offers New Diagnostic Service: Hepatozoon spp

The Bioguard Corporation launches our newest diagnostic service available for Hepatozoon spp.

As the threat of Hepatozoonosis is just around the corner for the dog pets, the Bioguard’s built- in laboratory in Taiwan decided to open for testing samples. We accept blood samples and conduct analysis under qPCR to check the presence of the parasite.

The Hepatozoon spp, which causes Hepatozoonosis, are protozoan parasites of dogs which results from ingesting infected ticks. The parasite forms large gametocytes, up to 11 µm. They are oval to elliptical in shape, with clear to pale blue structures within the cytoplasm of neutrophils, monocytes, or both. It typically displaces the nucleus to one side of the cell. It causes severe cardiac and skeletal muscle infection (myositis), with symptoms including fever, weight loss, muscle loss or wasting, and skeletal pain (Valenciano, A., etc. 2014. Atlas of Canine and Feline Peripheral Blood Smears. pages 111-213.e2.)

Since establishment, the corporation has always been dedicated in providing service for fast and accurate diagnosis of different companion animal diseases.