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Bioguard Launches New Diagnostic Service: Canine Neosporosis

The Bioguard Corporation launches their newest diagnostic service available for canine neosporosis caused by Neospora caninum.

With the threat it causes to dog pets, Bioguard’s built-in laboratory in Taiwan accepts samples for testing. The laboratory runs blood or feces samples under qPCR to check the presence of the parasite.

The parasite N. caninum is the causative agent for neosporosis, which is an important neuromuscular disease in dogs. The N. caninum is an obligate, intracellular, coccidian, protozoan parasite which causes infection in both dogs as a definitive host, and herbivore intermediate hosts , usually cattle. The disease severely infects young puppies causing paralysis of rear limbs, and is often progressive. Infected adult dogs show neurologic signs, pneumonia, and inflammations in skin, liver, and heart are possible.

The corporation, since establishment, has always been a partner of veterinarians in fast and accurate diagnosis of different companion animal diseases.