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Bioguard Announces Participation in 12th WESAVC

The Bioguard Corporation will be joining the 12 th East and West Small Animal Clinical Veterinary Conference on July 21- 23, 2020.

The said conference is one of the biggest events for small animal veterinary, and is held yearly in China. With the number of participants increasing every year, 2019 participants reached 14,535 in total. It is participated by exhibitors all over the world. Small animal clinical experts and specialists are also invited to give professional talks in the field.

The exhibit includes industries of pet medical, pet foods, and pet supplies. Over all, the event is expected to build a platform of science and technology communication for small animal veterinarian, to facilitate the continuous education development for small animal veterinarian, promoting small animal clinical veterinary technology with international standards, and enhancing over- all level of Chinese small animal veterinarian.