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Bioguard Accommodates the Vet Experts for the Virtual Course of 12th WESAVC

The Bioguard sponsors the 12 th East and West Small Animal Clinical Veterinary Conference as the event goes virtual on November 24-26, 2020.

The event is one of the biggest conferences for small animal veterinary. It is yearly held in China, however, due to the pandemic, some of the invited lecturers from Taiwan will be giving their lectures virtually.

As the main sponsor from Taiwan, Bioguard will accommodate some preparations for the upcoming event. Last week, the recording of the lectures were held in the company. Some of the well-known veterinary specialists and experts who came include: (1) Dr. Rick Wong 翁浚岳(伯源), the current Chairman of Taiwan Academy of Veterinary Internal Medicine; (2) Dr. Cheng-Yi Lin 林政毅, Chairman of Taiwanese Society of Feline Medicine; (3) Dr. Xianqi Wang (王盐棋), Professor of the Department of Veterinary Medicine in National Chung Hsing University; (4) Dr. Shengteng Luo (罗胜腾), the Director of Taipei Hongcheng Animal Hospital; (5) Dr. Shengwen Wang (王声文), the Director of Taipei Veterinary Association; ( 6) Dr. Yang Xiaobai, the Director of Zhongyan Animal Hospital; and (7) Dr. Charles Chen (陈朝澧): Former Chairman of Asian Society of Veterinary Dermatology. Further,we will witness also great lectures from (8) Dr. Feng Zonghong, the Chairman of Formosa Veterinary Medical Association; (9) Dr. David Tan (谭大伦), the Chairman of Taiwan Veterinary Medical Association; (10) Dr. Chen Peizhong, Honorary Chairman of Taiwan Veterinary Medical Association; and (11) Dr. Cai Kunlong, the Vice Chairman of Taipei Veterinary Medical Association.

The exhibition in China will still be held. With many participants who can’t travel to join the event, the virtual conference will be made available, in partnership with Bioguard Corporation. The aim of the event is to build a platform of science and technology communication for small animal veterinarian, to facilitate the continuous education development for small animal veterinarian, promoting small animal clinical veterinary technology with international standards, and enhancing over- all level of Chinese small animal veterinarian.