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1 month of war in Ukraine: local pet industry fights to keep the business going

Distribution centers and a number of pet shops have been destroyed by airstrikes since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24th. The main priority now is recovering the activity and assisting animal shelters across the country.

Feeding 100,000 dogs and cats

In a difficult time for local players to continue with the business, several initiatives are trying to help those animals that remain in the country.

“Save Pets of Ukraine”, led by local manufacturer Kormotech, has distributed more than 146 tons of pet food since it started working 20 days ago. In addition, 514 pet care volunteers and animal shelters received assistance.

“We keep working. We are looking for opportunities to save more cats and dogs,” the company said to GlobalPETS.

Kormotech is also partnering with US-based Greater Good Charities, which is collecting cash donations overseas. The organization is also collecting product donations from US companies and shipping them to Europe.

[Source: Global Pet Industry]

{image by David Palacios Rubio}