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Webinar: Diagnosis of the Hematologic Parasites in Dogs – How It Works In Practice

The free class “Continuous learning with Bioguard” theme for this month will be conducted by Chen-Si Lin, DVM, PhD. Dr. Lin is a professor in Department of Veterinary Medicine and director of Zoonosis Research Center, National Taiwan University. In addition, she is a formal director of Animal Disease Diagnostic Center, National Taiwan University. Her specialty include Veterinary Clinical Microbiology, Immunology, and Animal Cancer Biology and Therapeutic Development.

In this lecture, we will talk diagnosis of the hematologic parasites, or vector-borne pathogens, in dogs Vector-borne diseases are one of major threats to canine health. They are transmitted by the bite of infected arthropod species such as mosquitoes or ticks. These diseases may cause severe complications if they are not well diagnosed and treated. Severe cases may even lead to organ failure and death. Therefore, the healthy management plan for dogs should contain routine checks for these vector-borne diseases.