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Webinar: “Canine Hypothyroidism: Diagnosis & Treatment”

The free class “Continuous learning with Bioguard” theme for this month will be conducted on July 27, 2022, hosted by Bioguard, and the speaker is Dr. Sushant Sadotra.

Dr. Sushant obtained his Ph.D. from National Tsing Hua University and Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He has expertise in biomarker discovery and protein structural biology with a strong research background in investigating potential biomarkers in companion animals. Currently, Dr. Sushant works with Bioguard Corporation (Taiwan) as a Diagnostic Specialist.

In this webinar, Dr. Sushant will focus on diagnosing and treating Canine Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is the most prevalent endocrine disorder among dogs. It can occur due to the destruction of the thyroid gland, irregular action of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) from the pituitary gland, or issue at any stage in the hypothalamus-pituitary–thyroid (HPT) axis. However, the clinical signs of hypothyroidism can be easily confused with non-thyroidal problems, making the diagnosis a bit challenging. Several diagnostic tools are available these days to confirm the occurrence of hypothyroidism in patients. Total T4, total T3, free T4, free T3, serum TSH concentration, TSH stimulation test, and TRH stimulation test are the most frequently employed in the laboratory for thyroid evaluation in dogs. This lecture will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these tests and factors that can influence tests outcome. Other less commonly used diagnostic tests and treatment methods for hypothyroidism in dogs will also be addressed. Overall, it will provide an insight into the severity of hypothyroidism, followed by diagnosis and management of this disorder in canines.