Company News

Bioguard Corporation to officially announce the renaming of the Canine Blood Pathogen test, CDV/CAV/CIV test, and CPV/CCV/Giardia test to Vlabs 4X, Vlabs 3RX,and Vlabs 3DX.

Bioguard Corporation is proud and delighted to announce that we are changing our “Canine Blood Pathogen name to Vlabs 4X”, “CDV/CAV/CIV test to Vlabs 3RX”, CPV/CCV/Giardia to Vlabs 3DX. The name change is a result of an effort designed to be more compatible with our marketing strategy.

In the spirit of renaming some of our products, it is important to let you know that it will not affect or delay any current or future orders. However, this letter is intended to offer notice that our Canine Blood Pathogen, CDV/CAV/CIV, CPV/CCV/Giardia, to be renamed in all invoicing, packaging, and related documents after October 5, 2020.