Breed-related disease: Asian Semi-longhair

John K. Rosembert


The Asian Semi-Longhair is a cat breed similar to the Asian Shorthair except they have semi-long hair instead of short hair. These cats are normally known by the name Tiffanie. They are recognized in any of the Asian Shorthair or Burmese colors and patterns.

Like the Asian Shorthair, the breed was developed in Britain and is not currently recognized by any U.S. Registries. It has full recognition in the GCCF and although it is a relatively rare breed some fine examples have become champions.

The Asian Semi-longhair is a very sociable and people-friendly cat. It is often referred to as being a dependent cat, as it absolutely hates being alone and does not want to be left on its own.

It’s not a type of cat to get if you do not have ample time to play and socialize with it. The Asian Semi-longhair loves to meet new people and old friends alike, plus it does fine with kids and dogs. In fact, it is a type of cat that really enjoys playing with children.

It is a very playful cat that has a lot of fun with yarn, string, and all toys alike. This is also a very curious and adventurous cat that loves exploring new places.

It has a tendency to get into drawers and cupboards, and it always wants to find out what is behind closed doors. The Asian Semi-longhair is a fairly vocal cat, and they will definitely tell you when they are unhappy with their fairly loud voices.

The Asian Semi-longhair tends to be a fairly healthy cat, although they have been known to develop some issues with age. Some common problems include heart, renal, and periodontal diseases, although these are not really breed specific. They do require regular deworming, and they need to have their vaccinations. That said, they are not overly prone to serious health conditions.


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