Qmini BVG-1100 Nucleic Acid Extractor-JP

Qmini リアルタイムPCR蛍光分析装置 Q mini BVG-1100 Nucleic Acid Extractor Small size and space-saving Magnetic beads technology Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Processing 2 samples at the same time Processing time- 8 minutes Extracted nucleic acid can be stored for long run use, convenient for testing different items お問い合わせ Specification Workflow Extraction reagent Document download Nucleic acid extraction […]

Qmini BVQ-1100 Real-time PCR Analyzer-JP

Qmini リアルタイムPCR蛍光分析装置 Q mini BVQ-1100 Real-time PCR Analyzer PCR-Taqman probes High sensitivity and specificity Testing up to 16 items at the same time Providing Ct value and amplification curve Auto-generated test reports High flexibility- detecting different specimens of pets simultaneously お問い合わせ Specification Workflow Real-time PCR reagent Document download 8 tests/box User manual 1 piece 犬 […]

Qmini PCR Extraction Kit-JP

Qmini リアルタイムPCR蛍光分析装置 Q mini PCR Extraction Kit Highly efficient – Using magnetic bead technology Extraction of various sample types Small sample volume required (200 μl) Single-usage buffer assembly – Avoiding cross-contamination Efficient elution – High yield of purified DNA/RNA お問い合わせ Specification Document download Nucleic acid extraction reagent 16 units magnetic rod cover 16 units User […]

Qmini PCR Detection Kit-JP

Qmini リアルタイムPCR蛍光分析装置 Q mini PCR Detection Kit Ready-to-use freeze-dried PCR reaction mix High sensitivity and specificity – Accurate amplification Individual packaging for each test– Easy to handle, highly stable at room temperature Closed-tube reaction – Preventing contamination Versatility – Wide range of test reagents for the detection of various pathogens in pets Dual-channel fluorescence detection- […]