Joshua Silverwood

Vets have saved the life of a Dalmatian by removing a 5kg mass from its abdomen that was displacing its kidney.

Four-year-old Penny was rushed into Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Wakefield after a scan revealed the size of the malignant tumour that had been growing in her abdomen.

Soft tissue surgeon at the Linnaeus-owned practice David Barker was joined by fellow surgeons Dan Kenny and Kat Grzywa, who were needed to help remove the heavy mass.

Suspected ascites

Dr Barker said: “Penny presented with suspected ascites, given a large volume of peritoneal effusion. Her abdomen was very swollen and taut.

“We performed a contrast-enhanced CT scan with an iodine-based contrast to help highlight the areas of the body we needed to examine and the results were startling. The mass was enormous. It almost completely filled the abdomen.”

Scans showed the mass had originated in the right kidney, which had been displaced into the left side of the abdomen, and also compressed the rest of Penny’s internal organs. There was also no evidence of metastatic disease.


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