Author: Linnaeus Group



A Swindon based veterinary practice is urging dog owners in the area to register their much-loved canine companions to be potentially lifesaving blood donors.

Eastcott Veterinary Referrals is gearing up for yet another blood donation drive for Pet Blood Bank UK, set to take place on June 6th at its facility in Swindon.

The specialist-led referral centre, which is part of Linnaeus, is one of many vet practices across the country which receives often lifesaving blood and plasma from the national charity, PBB UK.

Leanne Price, Registered Veterinary Nurse at Eastcott said: “We are incredibly lucky to have access to such a lifesaving resource like PBB here in the UK.

“Unbeknown to many people, thousands of animals’ lives are saved by blood donors every day so it is incredibly important that we register our healthy and able pets and donate blood whenever we can.

“PBB works in a similar way to the human blood bank. They collect blood from donor dogs to distribute for dogs in need.

“This service is lifesaving for those dogs who lose excessive blood due to medical conditions, challenging surgeries or serious injuries, such as road traffic accidents.

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