Vetsina Animal Diagnostics has appointed former Global Head of Research and Development with Novartis Animal Health, Dr. Peter Wells as its first Chairman.

Dr. Wells has extensive experience in the animal health pharmaceutical industry having held senior positions in major global companies for almost 30 years. Mainly involved in directing the research and development of vaccines and medicines for disease control and therapy, he emphasised the importance of linking these activities closely to the needs of the market.

“As a company dedicated to maximising the impact of a revolutionary chemical-based system for the development of simple, fast, accurate and cost-effective animal health products, we’re delighted that Peter agreed to join Vetsina as Chairman. His experience, especially his involvement in product development, will be a tremendous help. During his career he has overseen the commercialisation of nearly 50 products for the food producing species of cattle, sheep, pigs, fish and poultry, as well as for companion animals. We look forward to working with him,” said Dr. Simon Wheeler, Vetsina’s CEO.

Since retiring from his role at Novartis, Dr. Wells has held several non-executive board positions. These include being Chairman of Moredun Scientific Ltd, a contract research organisation specialising in animal health and biosafety testing of biopharmaceuticals, and Chairman of GALVmed, a global alliance offering affordable animal health solutions to resource-poor smallholder farmers in Africa and South Asia.

After initially graduating as a veterinarian from the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Wells studied further at Ontario Veterinary College and was awarded a PhD in pharmacology and immunology.