Author: BSAVA

A new study, published in the latest issue of the Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP), suggests that endoscopic foreign body removal in cats was associated with good overall outcomes and a low complication rate.

Endoscopic retrieval of gastric and oesophageal foreign bodies in 52 cats1 was undertaken by Dollo et al. at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital, Akron, Ohio. The study was retrospective in nature, searching medical records from a single private veterinary referral practice for instances of foreign body endoscopy. 52 cats with oesophageal foreign bodies (OFBs), gastric foreign bodies (GFBs), or gastro-oesophageal foreign body (GOFB) were included in the analysis. Descriptive statistics were used to report demographic information, clinical signs, location and type of foreign body, radiographic and endoscopic outcomes, length of hospitalisation and major complications. Read more…