IndustryNewsa man and a woman with a dog in a cage

Akasa Air allows passengers to travel with their animals in the cabin from this month.

According to the rules published by the airline, each pet must be in a cage. The weight limit, including the cage, will be 7 kilograms.

Pets will not be allowed to occupy a passenger seat, even if it is empty. For trained guide dogs, Akasa Air asks that the animal must be muzzled and restrained during the flight.

Heavier animals weighing up to 100kgs will have to be checked in at the cargo terminal, as passenger terminals do not have the infrastructure to handle such pets. Pet parents must present all the latest health and rabies vaccination certificates.

Empathetic approach

The Mumbai-based airline joined NGO Umeed Animals Foundation and will use its expertise in carrying pets. It will include how to be prepared and things pet owners should know.

“We have been hyper-focused on establishing and delivering an empathetic, dependable, and reliable flying experience unlike anything witnessed in the Indian skies thus far,” said Akasa Air’s Co-Founder, Praveen Iyer.

The new airline will join Air India and SpiceXpress carriers in offering a pets-on-board service in the country.

Source: Global Pet Industry